• iGeigie Two

    iGeigie Two

    The iGeigie Two (prototype #2) is currently in Los Angeles and being used as the development base for the 1.0 production iGeigies which will be made available as a kit, a production version and a few limited editions. More details on this soon.

  • iGeigie.com exists

    iGeigie prototype

    Domain has been secured. Shortly this site will become the primary place to learn about iGeigie development as well as to find out about releases and limited editions that are available to purchase.

  • iGeigie Prototypes

    iGeigie Two for @CrashSpaceLA with LND pancake sensor

    There are currently two breadboard based iGeigies out in the world. The production PCB based 1.0 version is being developed at Crash Space, a hacker space in Los Angeles, and is based of prototype #2.

  • iGeigie One

    RDTN.org Kickstarter Project

    The initial prototype for the iGeigie was created by Pieter Franken in Tokyo as a simple personal project. The entire iGeigie project was launched following the reaction and interest in this device.

    This device featured:

    - Glass Geiger Tube can detect beta and gamma radiation
    - Runs on mophie juice pack
    - iGeiger app computes Counts Per Minute (CPM)
    - Breadboard architecture allows for continueing upgrades and improvements
    - Interface with iPhone through line-in interface
    - Ability to call the iGeigie and listen to clicks